The Hornback Story

Popcorn has been good to The Hornback family

Brian and Stacy Hornback farm more than 4,000 acres in western Kentucky with their friends and neighbors Kerry and Debbie Winstead and other family members. They raise cattle, soybeans, and yellow corn in addition to popcorn on land they own and land that they farm for more than 40 other landowners. Popcorn is riskier than yellow corn, but Brian says the potential rewards make it all worthwhile. "Popcorn has been good to us." Brian says. "It's better for raising my family than yellow corn." Brian's family has deep roots in western Kentucky. Brian's ancestors on his mother's side were among the first to settle in Ballard County. Brian was born and raised there before moving to Hopkins County in 1972.

Stacy works for the Webster County Cooperative Extension Service. They have two children, twins Ben and Hannah: Ben is a student at Murray State University majoring in Agribusiness Economics, and Hannah is a student at Madisonville Community and Technical College applying to the Physical Therapy Tech program. Both are still active in the farming operation. Farm life, Ben says, "is definitely rough at times, but I absolutely love it, and I wouldn't trade anything else in for it." "It's hard work," Hannah agreed. "You have to get up early sometimes. You don't get to go out and do things with your friends if you want to. But I wouldn't trade it for anything."