Welcome to the Kentucky Proud Popcorn website!

Kentucky Proud Popcorn is one more example of how teamwork can help agriculture, our farm families and our Kentucky economy grow even deeper roots for a brighter future. Kentucky Proud Popcorn is the result of a partnership of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and Preferred Popcorn of Nebraska. It all started when Preferred Popcorn bought a wonderful family company in Murray, Ky., and built on that company's relationships with nearly a dozen western Kentucky growers. The KDA's executive director of marketing and our farm-to-retail liaison asked: "Can we work together to create a 100 percent Kentucky Proud popcorn product?"

Norm Krug, owner of Preferred Popcorn and a farmer himself, was exactly the right person to ask. He started Preferred Popcorn in 1997 because of his commitment to quality and his desire to produce a popcorn product that he could proudly say was "Picked to Be the Best!"

As you browse this website, please to take the time to read about Preferred Popcorn and two of the Kentucky farm families who grow popcorn for Preferred. When you buy Kentucky Proud Popcorn, you are buying a superior product to serve to your family. And you are helping create a brighter future for these farm families.